Be inspired

29 Aug

There is nothing better in life, than being inspired. Inspiration gives you motivation. Thus, preventing procrastination. Don’t get me wrong…I can sit on Pinterest for hours on end and be inspired to the point where I am taking notes. Yet, I still have TONS of things just waiting to get made. 🙂

On the other hand, inspiration is positive. We could all use a little more positivity in our lives. Right? So this is what I am here to do. Give an extra boost. Make you smile. Spark that creative side of your mind where you break out of that normal everyday boring routine…and do something FUN. Do it for YOU. If you have a dream of doing something, becoming something…what is stopping you?

On this site, I want to give you ideas that I come across in my daily browsing. I am also here to give mothers the sigh of relief that comes with parenting. You know, when you come across another “mom” and you say, “Shew! I’m glad I’m not the only one!” And if you roll your eyes at those women who seem like they have taken one too many happy pills and never have a bad moment in their house….well, you are in the right place. I roll my eyes daily. 🙂

Each day of the week will be something different.

Sunday – What am I grateful for this week?

Monday – Manic Monday, I need a “free-for-all” sometimes.

Tuesday – Tutorial Tuesday, what will I make today?

Wednesday – the Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Thursday – Throwback Thursday, reminiscing is good for the soul.

Friday – InstaFriday, my week in review.

Saturday – the Morgan & Shayna project. (More of this later)

**Topics subject to change (I’ve been known to change my mind a time or two)**

**I may miss a day or two, but I’m human, and I do have a life (I think)**

Life is hard. And parenting is even harder, IMHO. But we should have moments along the way that make it all come together and worth every minute. I have always been a HUGE advocate of what I call, “ME TIME.” It’s just absolutely necessary for sanity.

I basically need to keep a journal of the things I’d like to jot down, and never do. I can’t put all my personal thoughts and pictures on my business blogsite, so this is another reason why I’m starting this new project. I hope you can find something while you are here to help with your sanity (believe me, I need this more than anybody). Even if it’s a laugh.

Until next time,


PS- I am open to ideas for posts, interviews, and DIY tutorials. Just hit me up! 🙂


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